EAPrep Students Walk The Red Carpet At The NCLR ALMA Awards

Two East Austin College Prep students attended a National Council of La Raza service-learning institute in Los Angeles in mid-September and, while they were there, the kids were able to attend the 2012 NCLR Alma Awards. Ninth graders Steven Ugalde and Arlette Flores, pictured, attended the red carpet event prior to the nationally televised show that honors Latino contributions to music, television and film. Steven and Arlette competed with their classmates to attend the training, a trip made possible through a NCLR C.A.S.A service-learning grant. The two 9th graders were chosen based on essays they wrote about why they felt they deserved to go.

“I had never been to Los Angeles before,” Arlette said after the trip. “I enjoyed learning new communication skills such as how to deliver a good presentation where you don’t move or fidget. I had the chance to meet new people and gather our thoughts in a way that we exchanged skills with each other. The best part was coming back to school and teaching my fellow classmates what I learned.”

At the NCLR service-learning institute, students discussed service-learning in their school/community and how they will continue with new service-learning projects this school year.

“I also learned different ways to make service-learning more appealing to the younger generation,” adds Steven, “Such as explaining to them that you need to treat a community like you would a person – with respect, kindness and care.”

The kids also enjoyed the opportunity to meet celebrities Zoe Saldaña, Wilmer Valderrama and America Ferrera. “In the Hispanic community it’s not likely to see Hispanics with constant success,” said Steven, “but like them and other Hispanic leaders, they make me so proud to be a Hispanic!”

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