East Austin College Prep Holds First Leadership Conference

“Education, Enthusiasm, and Empowerment.”  East Austin College Prep had its first Leadership Conference on Saturday, September 29th in partnership with Educational Insight.  During this conference students learned how to strengthen their leadership skills and develop techniques like listening, communication, teamwork and responsibility.

“I learned a lot from Saturday, “ said Harold Owens III, one of the 72 student participants.  “I learned team work. I also learned to set the bar and to do bigger and better things in life. I expressed a lot of feelings that day and the staff from Texas State was really helpful.“ School staff was also present, and moved by the experience.  “I, like many of the students, found myself holding back the tears on occasion,” said Pat Radzik, a teacher at EAPrep.

Stephen Medell, Executive Officer at Educational Insight Inc, led the team of professionals and student mentors who facilitated a variety of experiential learning activities.  Education Insight is an organization that is committed to providing quality training and services to various educational entities, districts, educational service centers, and schools across the country. The overall goal of the organization can be captured in highlighting the three E’s: Education, Enthusiasm, and Empowerment.  In small group, students maneuvered tennis balls with strings, jumped through ropes (literally!) and reflected on their support systems and goals as leaders thus far.

“I think that the leadership conference was great because the staff was very direct on what they were saying,” said Delaney Heredia, another student participant.  “I like that they had different activities for us to do like team building and support systems. At the end, we got the message that they were trying to give us.”

Owens echoed, “I loved them and I hope they come back very soon.”





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  1. The students were amazing and were willing to engage in every aspect of the day’s events. I am hopeful we will have another opportunity to work with this incrediblly innovative school, East Austin Prep Academy! Thank you for the opportunity!

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