Photographer Joel Salcido Shoots Client Portraits At Mobile Food Bank

East Austin Children’s Promise partner Capital Area Food Bank brought photojournalist Joel Salcido over to Southwest Key headquarters last month to continue taking portraits of food bank clients for his series, Faces of Hunger. Soliciting volunteers from the line queued up for our first Friday of the month mobile food bank, Salcido and his team elicited some gorgeous smiles and moving expressions from the everyday folks who visit the mobile food bank each month.


Salcido, a Juarez, Mexico native, has traveled the globe shooting professionally for international clients. His experience was apparent as he playfully put subjects at ease in the breezeway of Southwest Key’s el Centro de Familia campus. Salcido’s home is now in Austin where he has just completed this series. Some of those photos can be seen on his website. The photos he took for the Faces of Hunger project will be used to adorn the offices of Capital Area Food Bank. Thanks to the folks at CAFB, especially Communications Manager Sara Peralta, for inviting our clients be a part of this project.

Photographer Joel Salcido works in the Southwest Key breezeway while CAFB's Sara Paralta recruits subjects.


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