Attend LULAC Dist. 12 & El Concilio’s “Get out the Latino Vote Breakfast”

Austinites, need some help understanding the November 6 ballot? LULAC Dist. 12 & El Concilio Coalition of Mexican-American Neighborhoods will host a “Get out the Latino Vote Breakfast” on Dia de La Raza Friday, October 12 at 10am at Mexitas Restaurant where Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauviour will explain the Nov 6 Ballot. Mexitas Resturant is conveniently located in the center of town at 1109 N. IH-35 between East 11th & 12th streets. Plus, LULAC Dist 12 and El Concilio, are non-partisan organizations, so all are welcome. LULAC Dist. 12 Director Gavino Fernandez, Jr. invites you to come and celebrate Dia de La Raza while learning the answers to questions like, “May I vote at any poll on election day?” orĀ  “Do I need a voter ID to Vote?” Latinos are the fastest growing population in Travis County and it behooves us to educate ourselves!

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