2012 EAPrep Summer STEM Institute Comes To A Successful Finale

After seven weeks of science and computer projects, field trips, and time spent at the local pool, East Austin College Prep’s Summer STEM Institute has come to a close. On Thursday, July 26th, students spent time with all manner of furry animals in a small paddock provided by Fry’s Fun Farm. While groups of students rotated out to the petting zoo throughout the morning, other groups spent time building Lego robots for competitions with their peers.  In the afternoon, a closing ceremony was held for students and camp staff to celebrate the culmination of their hard work over the summer.
With the end of the second annual STEM Summer Institute, we would like to thank everyone who worked to make the camp such a great success: the wonderful and talented STEM and Boys & Girls Club staff, the KDK Harman Foundation, the bright and energetic students, and their dedicated parents!

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