Experts Discuss STEM Apathy in America

A recent article in the Texas Tribune compiled a virtual roundtable on the issue of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – education in schools, featuring prominent educators and experts on the issue. The catalyst behind the growing debate over how best to incorporate STEM education into schools centered around the idea that

There is a growing sense that students are not getting a strong enough STEM education, developing an adequate interest in STEM subjects nor embarking on the kinds of STEM careers that will ensure a comfortable economic future.

As contributors sounded off on how to tackle this challenge, several themes emerged: better incorporation of modern technology into the classroom, project-based learning that adds context to dry classroom knowledge, more efficient use of state public education funding, and shifting to a culture of learning that emphasizes STEM subjects as crucial to success, among others.

Even with such constructive postulating, much remains to be seen to address the shortage of students interested and adept in STEM fields. What are your thoughts on this education dilemma?

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