Southwest Key Makes Hispanic Business Top 25 List

This year’s Hispanic Business Magazine list of Top 25 Hispanic Non-profits includes Southwest Key at the number five spot. The magazine’s recent issue ranked the nonprofits on the basis of annual expenditures.  Nonprofit organizations were identified from Internet database lists of tax-exempt organizations in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. A list of these organizations was sorted by financial criteria and screened for descriptions related to Hispanic issues. Qualified organizations were sent a survey asking for information. Each organization submitted information about their missions, revenues, and services to provide an overview of the top charitable organizations serving the growing U.S. Latino population.
“All nonprofits today are doing more with less, and it is fitting to shine a light on and recognize the hard work and dedication of these organizations serving the Latino community,” said Sonia Pérez, National Council of La Raza Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives. Southwest Key was one of eleven organizations on the list that belong to the NCLR Affiliate Network.

Click here to see the entire listing of Top 25 Hispanic Non-Profits ranked by Hispanic Business Magazine.

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