Eastside Memorial High Student Records Story Of Her Dad’s Prison Term

 As part of a Texas Folklife program that teaches high school students and teachers how to document their favorite family and community traditions, Eastside Memorial High School students have recorded a series of stories now posted on Public Radio Exchange where they can be licensed for broadcast on Public Radio. One story in particular is dear to the mission of Southwest Key. That of a teenage girl whose father has been in prison since she was three.

The piece entitled, “Everything Happens for a Reason”, features Noemi Torres who says she hid the fact that her father was in jail  from her friends for years. She would receive drawings, letters and other gifts from her father, but wished she could get his messages face-to-face instead.

“I never thought that a drawing from my dad would be considered art because when I think of prison art, I think of stuff made by bad guys,” Torres says, adding that she’s not mad at her father because, “I’m not the kind of person to hate people that I really love.”

Listen to the entire 4-minute story here.


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