East Austin College Prep Students Create Petition For Trayvon Martin

East Austin College Prep 7th graders are collecting signatures in support of filing charges against George Zimmerman who gunned down unarmed 17 year-old Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, Florida. The students plan to send their petition to Florida Governor Rick Scott along with a letter encouraging him to right what they feel is an injustice.

The students were inspired by a Florida student walk out they read about in EAPrep teacher David DeLeon‘s reading class. “We felt we should do something about this, too,” seventh grader Naomi Padilla said.

When asked about her reaction to Fox News journalist Geraldo Rivera proclaiming that kids of color shouldn’t wear hoodies, seventh grader Dominique Candelas, who was collecting signatures while wearing her EAPrep hoodie responded, “That’s really dumb. What else would we wear when it’s cold? Are we supposed to freeze in a shirt?”

Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee stepped down temporarily Thursday after his refusal to charge Martin for the shooting sparked international outrage in the media and in the form of citizen protests.

Governor Scott announced Thursday that the state attorney investigating the case has voluntarily stepped down from the case leaving the governor to appoint a new investigator. Meanwhile, the governor plans to appoint task force to examine the state’s “Stand Your Ground Law” which makes it legal for a citizen who feels threatened to use deadly force with a weapon.

As of this writing, no charges have been made against Zimmerman, a 28 year-old self-appointed captain of his neighborhood watch program who shot and killed Martin.


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