Southwest Key Wellness Program Featured In Forefront Austin

This month, Southwest Key’s Wellness Program was featured in Forefront Austin in a story highlighting five Central Texas companies that are focused on supporting and improving employee health in order to enhance productivity and reduce costs. The five companies are all recognized as a Central Health/Austin Business Journal Healthiest Employers of Central Texas for 2012. We’re proud to have Southwest Key’s Wellness Program honored as one of those companies. Special congratulations go to all our participating employees and Southwest Key Wellness Coordinators Jessica D. Dominguez and Stephanie Hawkins. Here’s the excerpt from Forefront Austin:

The Southwest Key Wellness Program is dedicated to creating a culture of wellness among the national nonprofit’s 1,000-person workforce. In just the past two years, 59 percent of eligible employees are reaping health benefits of the voluntary program and helping lower Southwest Key’s health benefit payouts.

Two dedicated Wellness Coordinators develop the nonprofit’s wellness program to improve the quality of life for the employees of Southwest Key’s 56 locations. A Wellness Committee, employee-nominated Wellness Champions and ongoing surveys identify the initiatives that make the most improvements for employees. They have access to health assessments, nutrition classes, exercise programs and even a walking contest in which Southwest Key employees took more than 23 million steps in 30 days. Southwest Key published a cookbook featuring employees’ favorite recipes after receiving a healthy makeover from the Wellness Coordinators.

Southwest Key Wellness Program is producing measurable health and productivity improvements for the organization:

Reducing employee glucose High Risk levels from 24 percent to six percent in 2011.
Dropping Body Mass Index High Risk levels from 48 percent in 2010 to 37 percent in 2011.
Reducing employee Cholesterol High Risk levels from 25 percent in 2010 to eight percent in 2011.

Additionally, the company’s disease management medical claims reflect a reduced payout amount per patient as compared to national averages in cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Average cancer claim per employee payout amount is 47 percent less than the national average.
Average diabetic claim per employee payout amount is 15 percent less than the national average.
Average heart disease claim per employee payout amount is 34 percent less than the national average.

Read the entire article at Forefront Austin.

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