Hey Cupcake! Visits East Austin College Prep

Special thanks go out to Hey Cupcake! of Austin who visited East Austin College Prep Wednesday, February 15 to hand out 500 cupcakes. Shannon and Petey of Hey Cupcake! were on hand to give out the treats. Petey told us the event was part of their business model to “spread smiles.”

“It was truly rewarding being surrounded by bright-eyed and smiling 6th, 7th and 8th graders,” he said.  “As school let out and students prepared to embark on their usual bus ride home, or short walk across the El Centro de Familia Campus to the Boys and Girls Club of Austin, the smiles we encountered truly embodied the spirit behind Hey Cupcake!, to ‘Follow Your Vanilla Dream’ and ‘Don’t be a LazyCake!’”

We asked Petey why they chose EAPrep to be the lucky recipients of their wares.

Petey and Shannon from Hey Cupcake! whose business model is "to spread smiles."

“As a locally grown, inspired, owned and operated business, Hey Cupcake! continually looks for opportunities in community outreach that exemplify the very values that lead to our success.  Following the mission of the school’s educational philosophy to think critically, act responsibly, lead compassionately, and innovate wisely,  foundations are formed that will surely aid the next generation to create a better world and spread more smiles!  In return, being able to congratulate these hard working, motivated, college-bound middle school students with a cupcake at the end of the school day makes each trial and tribulation of running a small business truly worthwhile. We hope they realize that the education they receive will be the best path to opportunity and the realization of their wildest dreams, but there are still rewards along the way!”

Petey and Shannon sent along thanks to Rachel Rosales, Grants Manager for Southwest Key Programs, and the rest of the staff who coordinated their visit.

“The highlight for us was their commitment to the mission of the school, and all the students it serves, embodied by the two hours they stood directing 300-plus students to remember to say thank you!  It was truly a pleasure to see the commitment, compassion and care these adults convey to each and every student.  Keep up the inspiring work, and keep spreading smiles!”

Click here to see more pictures from Hey Cupcake!’s visit to East Austin College Prep.

The kids lined up in droves for a free cupcake from Hey Cupcake!

And everyone left happy.

Click here to see more pictures from Hey Cupcake!’s visit to East Austin College Prep.

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