East Austin College Prep Receives Grant From Theodore P. Davis Charitable Trust


Dr. G check presentation

Last week, East Austin College Prep received a $3500 check from the Theodore P. Davis Charitable Trust for our student counseling programs. Superintendent Dr. Joe Gonzales attended the ceremony Friday December 2, 2011 which marked the 25th anniversary of this philanthropic endeavor.

An Austin, Texas wholesale grocer and former director of Capital National Bank (now JP Morgan Chase Bank), Davis left a perpetual trust under his will for charitable, scientific and religious purposes. Southwest Key is honored to have East Austin College Prep recognized along with 23 other recipients who, together, were awarded $75,000 in charitable grants.



  1. If want to endorse something, it should be the Eastside Austin ISD

  2. As a long time resident of East Austin, I can tell you this is not the help that East Austin needs or wants. We don’t need one of our East Side schools taken over so IDEA can start to make thier money here in Austin and futher endorse their Association . Our children should not be ship to other East Austin Schools causing disruption and over sized class rooms. Our children already have so many obstacles such as poverty, single parent house holds, English as a second language and being a minority.

    IDEA and Austin ISD are not looking at whats best for the children in East Austin. This school is intended for all students who apply and meet thier requirements. As I stated before this is not the type of assistance East Austin needs. The schools and students in East Austin are being ignored, mistreated, underfunded, understaffed and the students are being left behind. It almost seems because we are a poor community it gives Austin ISD the right to push us around and to abandon our children.

    It is well known that parents in East Austin work hours that keep them from attending the meetings. They know many house holds in East Austin are single family homes or homes that require both parents to work. Many families don’t have the internet or a working phone. I spoke to several parent this week and I was told they new nothing about the meetings IDEA had held. The schools in Austin ISD nor IDEA sent flyers informing us of the meeting.Parents have told me they heard about the Austin ISD meetings but couldn’t attend because they work and can’t get off to attend. Parents want to know why it’s being voted on in December when Austin ISD and IDEA know parents can’t miss work due to the need to have income for the holidays.

    What plans have been set in place to ensure that our current elementary students ( the one’s not able to enroll in IDEA) will not be in over sized classrooms?

    Several of the students in East Austin have learning disabilities and English as thier second language. They will not be able to receive the needed attention and assistance in oversized class rooms.

    How much money is Austin ISD providing IDEA?

    How much of East Austin tax dollars will be used to fund IDEA?

    Why isn’t that money being use to support our current schools, students and teachers?

    Are all East Austin students ensured to receive a spot in this charter school over the students applying from other areas? If not, tell me how is this is suppose to help the children in East Austin. IDEA and Austin ISD already know the students in East Austin have struggled or are struggling with their academics. They should have the right to obtain a better education. If East Austin students are being pushed out of their school to start this Charter and we are still having to pay taxes then East Austin students should be ensured enrolledment if requested.


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